Lees, laat jezelf inspireren en kan tegelijkertijd een kind in Zambia naar school

Bijgewerkt op: 22 mrt. 2021

As announced in our previous blog, we think working with our heart is the most beautiful thing there is. And that is why we have linked two charities to the book from the start: Yes, I want turnover!

The second charity we want to present is: Basic Write. A young and dynamic foundation that is committed to better education in Zambia.

Basic Write's mission statement: helping children in Zambia with education by providing access to writing materials. Basic Write believes that this is a basic right (hence the name) and that education is the key to many problems. In addition to the educational side of writing materials, we also want to stimulate creativity and ensure that children can express themselves through pen and paper.

The goal is to give all children in Zambia access to writing materials by 2025.

With the current situation, this will become more and more of a challenge, but it will not stop us from taking small steps forward.

There is a great shortage of writing materials in Zambia. Basic items such as pens, pencils and notebooks are essential for education. In developed countries we take these for granted as they are widely available.

Writing material is scarce for the children in Zambia and is considered a 'luxury item'. In some cases a single pen is shared with four students…!

Basic Write collects pens and notebooks for the Linda Community School in Livingstone, Zambia. Together we can make a difference!

For every 12 books sold, we make it possible for Basic Write to pay the school fees of a child for a whole year through the donation that is released.

In this way, children who are in need, because they have been orphaned, for example, get a chance for a good education.

We are very proud of our charities linked to the book.

Also undertake with your heart together with the book: 'Yes I want turnover!

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